I'm a wordsmith. I use lyrics as alchemy to turn coal into diamonds. I connect with my Greek ancestry to bring Ancient stories into the present day.


    I work to amplify other voices, so that our global narratives can continue to be powerful, poetic and of the people.

    Agapi & Other Kinds of Love

    World Premiere

    In Agapi & Other Kinds of Love, Socrates tells a table of poets and playwrights everything he learned from a mysterious lover: Diotima.


    The gods then take the audience on a journey - collapsing time and space to arrive at the midst of a riot in Athens during the economic crisis, where the two reincarnations of the Ancient lovers fall in love (again), and modern examples of the Ancient Greek kinds of love are revealed.


    The Ancient Greeks used many words for what we simply call 'love'. Some of these words were: Erotas, Philia, Philoxenia, Philautia, Storgy and Agapi. Self-love, erotic love, the love of the stranger and the love of deep friendships will all collide with molotov cocktails and shards of corinthian columns in this modern extrapolation of Plato's, The Symposium.


    Agapi & Other Kinds of Love, is set to premiere at Brisbane Festival, September 2021.

    Luka Lesson, Stero. Type. video image by Darius Devas 2021


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