I'm a wordsmith. I use lyrics as alchemy to turn coal into diamonds. I connect with my Greek ancestry to bring the wisdom of my people forwards through mythology and meaning.


    I work to amplify other voices, so that our global narratives can continue to be powerful, poetic and of the people.

    Luka Lesson's

    Poetry In Education Teaching Resource


    We are pleased to announce that Luka's Poetry In Education Teaching Resource is now open for enrolments.


    Comprising of a collection of videos of Luka facilitating writing workshops, answering Frequently Asked Questions and providing tips, inspirational insights and more - the resource is a must for every English classroom.


    This resource is then supported by the option of having Luka engage with your students via live performance and Q+A sessions.

    Enrolments close May 6th

    "My dream is that this resource helps young people of all walks of life articulate themselves in powerful ways, for them to find themselves on the page, and for us to see them more clearly via the elevation of their voices.

    I want to put my skills into the hands of teachers and education centres globally. I believe that in this way, I will be able to empower many more students and teachers to carry the poetic arts to new levels in their own ways"


    -Luka Lesson

    Stereo. Type.

    "Before they lock you

    in a stereotype


    speak words so deep

    they’re like burial rights


    write lines that unite

    every side of the fight


    so when you speak

    all they get is your




    -Luka Lesson

    Commissioned by the Institute of non-violence

    Shot + Edited by Darius Devas

    Graphics by Listen to the Graphics


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