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    Luka Lesson's only writing and performance retreat.

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    Luka Lesson's only writing and performance retreat will be held on the Greek island of Rhodes in the last week of September, 2019.


    The five-day intensive program includes visits to Ancient sites, workshops in both writing and performance, one-on-one sessions and final group performances.


    For more information visit www.rhodespoetryretreat.com

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    Quotes from Previous Attendees:


    "Thank you for opening up yourself Luka and your village and your genealogy and culture. My writing practice and my life is much richer for this experience and I am eternally gratefully for you brother!"

    -Zech, New Zealand.



    "I loved the authentic experience the retreat offered. It was wonderful to be away from urban life and tourist traps. The week was a blissful mixture of both rigorous writing and relaxation. I enjoyed being disciplined every day and writing at every turn and vista we were offered. This in turn gave me the intimacy I needed with Rhodes and my company of poets. It really felt like a 'retreat' and I hope it remains so."

    -Despina, Melbourne & Samos.



    "Luka's easygoing personality combined with his poetic expertise made the workshops really enjoyable and creative. I have never written poetry outdoors in special places before, and discovered I loved getting away from my computer and going old school with pen and paper.

    I felt really relaxed, recovered from the rigours of my Turkey trip, and wrote some great poetry."

    -Lou, Sydney



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