• Luka is a genuine artist of high quality whose poetry is powerful and poignant. I salute his prophetic witness!" - Dr Cornel West

  • Rhodes Poetry Retreat

    Luka Lesson's first poetry retreat will be held on Rhodes Island, Greece.

    Luka Lesson's first writing and performance retreat will be held on the beautiful island of Rhodes, Greece from August 1st until August 4th.


    The four-day intensive program will include visits to Ancient sites, workshops in both writing and performance, one-on-one sessions and a final group sharing.


    For more information visit www.rhodespoetryretreat.com or submit your interest below.












    "The word 'sword' has the word 'word' in it... because our words can be the Antidote."


    "Half biggie, half hippie with tie-dye, turning pipe dreams into pipe-lines"


    "There are 22 bones in my feet, and I've named them after the poets who have walked before me"

    Please Resist Me

    "Because resistance brings evolution... and you've resisted me so consistently that I thank you for your contribution."

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  • Odysseus Live

    Reimagining Homer's 'The Odyssey'

    Odysseus Live

    'Odysseus: Live' is a modern re-telling of Homer's Ancient Greek epic 'The Odyssey'.

    A collaboration between Luka Lesson, music producer Jordan Thomas Mitchell (USA), Sydney Conservatorium composer James Humberstone, video maker Claudia Sangiorgi Dalimore and Matilda winning Director Sam Foster - Odysses Live is a cinematic, theatrical and musical experience of epic proportions.


    Our second preview showing is scheduled for later this year, stay tuned for updates via our website:









































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