I'm a wordsmith. I use lyrics as alchemy to transform struggle into triumph. Loss into love. Coal into diamonds. I connect with my Greek ancestry to bring the wisdom of my people forwards through mythology and meaning.


    I work to amplify other voices, so that our global narratives can continue to be powerful, poetic and of the people.


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    With 14 years of experience as a workshop facilitator, I continue to amplify the voices of young poets, to make sure untold stories push our societies forward in powerful ways.


    Disengaged, disenfranchised, disheartened.

    These are the students who stunned us all with the power of poetry... Luka graciously offered not only his talent, but his heart

    to young people on the verge of being lost.


    - Kylie Owens, English Teacher.


    I just want to express my sincere thanks to Luka for his warmth, generosity, and insights. Our boys have benefited so much from his wisdom and insights, and I’ve had many conversations with boys over the past couple of days who have commented on how engaging the workshops have been. I’ve been so impressed by Luka’s ability to forge a connection with his audience, even with the limitations of Zoom.


    - Jeffrey Lewis, Head of English.


    STARTS JAN 2021

    After over a decade of touring the planet teaching my own style of writing and performance workshops, I am finally ready to launch my first spoken word poetry online course.


    Run over 7 weeks, the course includes:

    • 7 writing workshops covering various topics & styles.
    • 9  new performance videos 
    • 5 performance workshops including in-depth looks at performance annotation, dynamics + overcoming nerves 
    • How to start your own poetry slam / curated poetry event
    • Downloadable video, audio + pdfs for each workshop 
    • 7 Live Talks with direct Q&A around a variety of relevant topics 
    and more...



    Luka Lesson draws on his creative powers to create new poems and rap verses inspired by conversations with guests from across the planet.


    His own Greek heritage and the histories of the people he speaks to also often filter through, as well as his love of philosophy, social change, art and visions for the future.



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