• "Luka is a genuine artist of high quality whose poetry is powerful and poignant. I salute his prophetic witness!"

    -Dr Cornel West





    There was no right way to do it

    Just a journey forward into the dark matter


    There was no real road map or compass

    No actual path carved into the damp dirt


    No points to reach for

    or highest peaks to pursue


    Just a burning need to keep walking

    Just a burning desire to stay upright and moving in some vague direction


    Although I was off-balance

    Although I was off-centre





    Although I was turned off almost everything everyone else was turned on by


    Some days it was the venom

    the viciousness

    the never-ending car chase

    the high-speed pursuit

    the politics of how to burn this shit to the ground

    the philosophies of never stop trying

    Or just a well placed exclamation mark


    Some days it was just another poet

    saying what I wish I had the guts to

    Pouring out their intestines on a stage in some small American town

    In some lonely shit-hole


    She became my North Star


    Not 'she' the poet


    She the sentence

    She that thing that got it done

    That moved me when I had become stagnant

    A cess-pool

    A monolith

    She that thing that anchored my reasoning to someone else's being


    She diverted from the centre a few times

    But sat in a direction still vaguely north

    That North Star


    As my legs still vaguely carried me forward


    Towards her


    Towards that feeling

    Of hitting a nail on its head

    Of the subtlety of pure power

    Of spitting hot flames in the face of a dragon

    Of just finding the right words to say how it is that I'm living right now


    Though I wasn't always sure of who she was and where she was leading me

    Even when I was flailing in the wind

    I still knew:


    Uncertainty is the stalker of all great plans

    Indecisiveness is the assassin of all excellent ideas

    And not knowing what the fuck to do next

    Is the best way to make sure you don't do shit

    That’s for sure


    So I keep moving forward


    Even when I know these goals will change tomorrow


    Even when the goal posts move and my reasons for staying alive converge with my reasons for giving up


    Even when the challenges go far beyond the extent of my abilities


    Even when the flame flickers and the darkness seems thicker than before I started


    Even when I am the sole reason why I can't escape the quicksand, and I know my struggle only buries me deeper


    Even when I convince myself every single person reading this is against me


    I walk on

    With no map or compass

    No pre-trodden paths or breadcrumbs to follow

    No flashlight or need to clear the fog


    I let it sit there

    Hang in the ether like a gift-wrapped earth

    Float on my future like a welcome ghost


    With nothing more than a commitment to hitting nails on their heads

    All day long

    Each in their moments

    Each in a line

    Each on their perfect angles and beams

    Across the form work and architraves


    Through the hallways and hard days


    So that one day we may build a house


    I can finally lay to rest in



    - Luka Lesson

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