• Antidote


    Antidote is Luka Lesson's second independently published collection of poetry and rap verses. The collection, published as a slimline chapbook, features the pieces:
    Subcomandante Marcos
    Revolutionary Packages
    Moment to Moment
    and more
    This book comes with an audio version a parallel album which can be streamed from this link.
    Rated 4.47 / 5 on Goodreads
    Reviews of Antidote:
    "A beautiful, honest and transcendent collection of work. The accompanying album is definitely worth your time as well. One of the best poets in the country right now, no question."- Joshua Donellan
    "Absolutely love it. It covers some controversial topics beautifully. Reccomend it a lot!" - Chloe
    "I saw Luka Lesson at my sons school. He was brilliant. So engaging to the young men present. This small collection of spoken word was based on themes of humanity, equality and acceptance. My favourites include:
    Moment to Moment - A tribute to the ages of man, self growth and personal journey. Rebel - Oh I liked this one. Revolutionary Packages - perhaps my favourite of all." -Lia
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