• "Luka is a genuine artist of high quality whose poetry is powerful and poignant. I salute his prophetic witness!"

    -Dr Cornel West




    (for Yiayia)


    She is not yet marble


    Her body still aches with burdens

    Shaken off by wise-cracks and soft coffee powder


    She introduced me as my father

    Then as a family friend


    When they left

    I gave her a massage

    She warned me she wouldn't be taking off

    her blouse for just any old stranger


    Grandmothers are proud and sarcastic things

    and it’s hard to knead a stone


    She harvested light from her garden

    placed it in a vase on my forehead


    I closed my eyes and let it in


    Her memory hides behind succulents in pots and broken faces

    wishing her tomorrows never find her


    But she told me the story of her brother

    the changing texture of his skin

    as the blood drained from his body


    He should have run faster

    Should have hidden himself better


    She is not yet marble


    Her grave is still open

    her skin is still soft


    I’ve seen the tombstone

    On it are only her initials

    No date or name

    No photo or epitaph


    She will be a monument

    and she will be well hidden.


    -Luka Lesson


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