• "Luka is a genuine artist of high quality whose poetry is powerful and poignant. I salute his prophetic witness!"

    -Dr Cornel West





    And we take off our masks and helmets

    remove our gloves and armour

    kneel in the dirt

    drinking water from hollow grenades


    When we bury our burdens beneath the ashes of last night's battle

    burn closed our wounds and strap our heavy shoulders

    when we stitch our human flesh back together


    And the dew covers the canvas in the morning

    and we roll up our tents and get ready to return


    When we remove our brass knuckles and bump fists like we did it

    throw away our bullet shells and save our broken arrows

    taking their sharp heads and placing them in our pockets


    When we wrap our snapped swords in bloodied cloths and call our worried mothers

    to lay tables

    and make meals for our return

    and call on our grandfathers

    to dig trenches and hammer crucifixes for those we carry home


    When the dust settles

    and we limp our bruised bones back through the mountains

    through the red deserts and false fields of victory


    When we lean back in our wicker chairs and toast to our survival

    and tell cold stories of those we lost with hollow eyes like dead messengers


    When we pick through the dismembered rubble

    and call it a memorial


    We pick up the pieces

    and call it freedom


    I wonder if we will remember to mention

    to our children

    through cracked lips and sand-paper tongues

    that all great victories create a great many victims

    and no one likes to lose

    without coming back

    for redemption


    we don't just inherit peace

    we also inherit

    her circumstances

    and the wars that birthed her


    - Luka Lesson


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